A Partnership With a Great CPA Makes All the Difference

A business can only be as successful as the people running it. This means that it takes a full investment of time and knowledge by owners and managers to make decisions which will lead a company in the right direction. It requires expertise in all areas of business, from management to marketing and, yes, even payroll and bookkeeping. This is why working with a Fort Collins accountant makes all the difference.

Accounting Vs. Bookkeeping

Good bookkeeping helps keep your finances in order, but it does not, however, advise you on the best decisions to make; if it’s wise to invest in certain areas of business, or even simply if your business is profitable. It takes accounting to do that. A skilled Fort Collins accountant can help translate the numbers and allow you to make meaningful insights as to the status of your business and the direction it will go.

Unlimited Access to Accounting Professionals

We want to be that resource for you. We work directly with you to not only reconcile the bookkeeping, but to plan and advise you, based on the numbers. The best part of our plan is NO HOURLY FEE! That means unlimited access to our professionals and all the help you need for one low monthly retainer. No surprises! By partnering with us, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your business’ financial needs are in good hands.

Based out of Fort Collins, accountant and CPA SJ Wick’s accounting firm provides bookkeeping, payroll, tax services, and other accounting solutions for the surrounding communities.

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